Fishing Trips

Daily Tour 3 hours Availability: 2018-07-13
San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, España

Welcome to our page, let us care for an unforgettable fishing experience in San Sebastian, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you are a visitor, local, professional or fresher and you don’t have your fishing gear we provide all the necessary for a perfect fishing experiece!

We will provide the cane, the lines, the bite and a teacher if you don’t know how to fish, it’s all included in the price, choose the date an time which best suits you and gives a call or write as mail.

You will enjoy an authentic fishing day with us onboard our luxury yatch Getari, 11m long; 3.45m wide; 540hp and plenty of space for 9 people without disturbing each other for fishing, sunbathing… Our yatch Getari is a Star Fisher 1600, with flybridge, specially designed for fishing, with a bench to si on all around an the bow and a very big aster, 3,45m to brig in the biggest catches.

We also have cabins with beds, fridge for the catch and fridge for the food, wc, showers, cooker, microwave to make your stay at sea with us most enjoyable and with the maximum of confort.

Coastline trolling

This fishing modality is done with the boat sailing at avegarage speed of 3 knots parallel to the coast, we will arrange up to 6 line on the go with different artificial bites, some will swim on surface some will troll in 1-2m depth, for this purpose we will use different eels varying in seize weight and color to increase our catch probability.

We will be fishing species in hunting mode such as akipjack tuna, mackarel, herring…

Trolling fishing trips last 4 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours.

Big catch trolling

This fishing modality is performed with the boat running at a speed of 3-5 knots and we will be going as far as 40 miles from the coastline chasing the tuna nabs, which are not stationary. Being so far from the coastline we will see dolphins and whales and we could catch tuna, merlin or shark. These species live in the cannon which run parallel to our coast at a distance of 30 miles and at depths of up to 2183 meters where the big wild species live.

Our yacht Getari has flybridge to spot the tuna banks, cabins and beds, fridge for food and the catch, microwave and shower for long fishing days at sea.

The big catch trips last 5 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours but we recommend a minimun of 8 hours.

Bottom fishing

For the bottom fishing trips we will be pretty closed to the coast, between 1 and 3 miles and will be fishing in 30 to 80m depth range.

Is a dynamic and enjoyable fishing with loads of catches suitable for all kind of anglers, freshers and experts, a perfect trip for families or friends and individuals.

If you are a fresher and have necer been fishing at sea don’t worry, we will teach you an assist you and if you are professional we will assist you with all your needs.

You don’t have to bing anything, only your own drinks and food, what you like most, we will provide all the necessary gear for you to have a perfect fishing day. But if you prefer to bring your own fishing gear, you are most welcome to do so.

In this fishing modality we will catch: squid, octopus, antfish, herring, mackarel…

In this fishing modality we will use dead bite using a weight and placing in the bottom and also jigging (artificial bite which we drop to the bottom and bring it up continuously).

Bottom fishing trips last 3 hours, 5 hours and 8 hours.

Great depth fishing

For this fishing modality we use electric reels which allow us to descend the bite down to 800m, the line will have various hooks with bites and between each drop an average of 45 min will pass, the boat will be adrift and meanwhile you can have a chat, a drink, enjoy the open sea or the company. We will sail and average of 10 to 15 miles to the fish bank and in this modality we can catch fish such as hake, halliboot.

Total: 100,00€ From 100,00€ /person
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