Flysch,Dragon mouth

We take great pride in bringing people together to discover the Flysch in the Basque Coast Geopark.Millions of years of history of earth formation at your eyesight.being on our tours gives many people a perspective they may have never seen before.The excursion provides visitors with the opportunity to sail from Getaria´s little harbor to the Flysch´s cliffs to after enter into Zumaia sailing along Urola river,being able to see the town centre,shipyard…in a little coastal town of the basque coast,enjoy a drink onboard right in front of town centre.

Then we will head back to Guetaria following the “mouse of Guetaria”.

This boat trip will unveil us secrets of earth´s formation,dinosaur extinction,coastal towns commerce history,shipping and fishing tradition which will help you for a better understanding of Basque coast culture development.

Once in harbor the captain will explain you how the local professional fishing ships fish.

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