Tuna Fishing

Tuna fishing

San Sebastián

This fishing modality is performed with the boat running at a speed of 3-5 knots and we will be going as far as 40 miles from the coastline chasing the tuna nabs which are  not stationary,being so far from the coastline we will see dolphins and whales and we could catch tuna,merlin or shark.

These species live in the cannon which run parallel to our coast at a distance of 30 miles and at depths of up to 2183 meters where the big wild  species live.

Our yacht Getari has flybridge to spot the tuna banks,cabins and beds,fridge for food and the catch,microwave and shower for long fishing days at sea.

The big catch trips last 5hours,8 hours,12hours,16hours but we recommend a minimum of 8 hours.

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