Flysch, Boca Dragon

We are proud to bring together people from all corners of the world to discover the Flysch of the Basque Coast Geopark, with millions of years of history behind it and the undisputed protagonist of the formation of the earth and extinction of the dinosaurs. Our boat excursions by the Basque Coast Geopark will help you understand the development of the coastal towns of Guetaria, Zumaia, Deba, linked to commerce, fishing, boat construction...

We will set sail from the port of Guetaria, discover the Flysch and its cliffs and then enter Zumaia sailing along the Urola River to the center of the town where we will have a snack on board and contemplate the latest construction in progress at the shipyard.

We will calmly turn the boat and head towards Guetaria following the “mouse” of Guetaria. Once in the fishing port of Guetaria, if the fishing fleet is present, we will explain how the boats fish in a traditional way still today.

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