Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing

San Sebastián

For the bottom fishing trips we will be pretty closed to the coast between 1 and 3 miles and will be fishing in 30 to 80 m depth range.

Is a dynamic and enjoyable fishing with loads of catches suitable for all kind of anglers,freshers and experts,a perfect trip for families or friends and individuals.

If you are a fresher and have never been fishing at sea don´t worry we will teach you and assist you and if you are a professional we will assist you with all your needs.

You don´t have to bring anything,only your own drinks and food,what you like most,we will provide all the necessary gear for you to have a perfect fishing day,but if you prefer to bring your own fishing gear you are most welcome to do so.

In this fishing modality we will catch:


In this fishing modality we will use dead bite using a weight and placing it in the bottom and also jigging(artificial bite which we drop to the bottom and bring it up continuously.

Bottom fishing trips last 3 hours,5 hours and 8 hours.

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