Discover San Sebastian´s cliffs

We´ll explore the San Sebastian coast and its amazing cliffs onboard my exclusive yacht called Getari.

We will leave the harbor and head East by Paseo Nuevo and the Kursaal cubes,we will pass by Urumea river mouth,Zurriola surfing Beach and after turning Punta Calabac we will find the hidden cliffs of San Sebastian which will lead to the most

stunning and legendary natural harbor of all Cantabric sea to enter into Pasajes a small beautiful fishing village frozen in time with its colorful fisherman’s houses and narrow streets.Then we will turn back to San Sebastian and on the way we will anchor in my favorite spot which I am sure you will love,to have a swim and enjoy a drink or 2 onboard.After our swim we will heave up the anchor and head back to San Sebastian to do a tour in La Concha Bay,touch Santa Clara island and Peine de los vientos and return to harbor.

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